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European Destinations for Cosmetic Surgery Tourism Vacations

Vacations that combine leisure and plastic surgery are becoming more popular, worldwide. Packages include accommodations at Four Seasons and Ritz Carlton where “special recovery” areas are designated. Newer destinations in Europe include: Budapest, Hungary, Poland, Belgium, the Ukraine and Slovakia, along with the more traditional retreats in France, Switzerland and the UK. Word to the curious, however, medical tourism does involve added risks, so do your homework.

A Look at the Plastic Surgery Boom in Thailand

During the last ten years, people in Thailand have had more plastic surgery procedures to enhance and change their appearance. This revolution has gone beyond celebrities and Thailand is a experiencing a new trend - raising awareness, acceptance and revenues that have earned the cosmetic surgery industry in Thailand sums of 20 billion baht a year, which translates to over $630 million in USA currency, and increasing last year’s cosmetic income by more than 5 billion baht. More popular procedures in this region include nose and eyelid surgery.

How long until I get to see the final results of Nose Surgery?

Getting a new nose is exciting - we can barely wait to see the final results. So, it can seem like FOREVER until the swelling subsides. It isn't 'forever' - but, depending upon the type of technique, your body and other factors, the final results are not always visible immediately. Read about what to expect...
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